Trendelenburg test

Mild Trendelenburg gait – It is necessary to perform a Trendelenburg test to evaluate.

examiner sits or stands behind the patient.

How to perform Trendelenburg test?

The patient is then asked to lift each foot off the ground, and the opposite side pelvis is elevated as high as possible alternately for at least 30 seconds.

How to interpret Trendelenburg test?

Trendelenburg testInterpretation
1Healthy individualsUnsupported side stays at the same level or rises slightly
2Abductor mechanism is weakPelvis drops towards the unsupported side
3Serious weaknessPatient leans towards the affected side
Trendelenburg test

Healthy individuals- unsupported side stays at the same level or rises slightly.

Abductor mechanism is weak- pelvis drops towards the unsupported side.

Serious weakness – patient leans towards the affected side.

Dropping of the pelvis in the standing position suggests a positive Trendelenburg test.